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Yirga Chefe, Ethiopia

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Our Story

One Small Step Towards A Dream

For centuries, coffee was thought to be founded in jungles of South America, but was in fact first discovered in the Ethiopian plateaus in the 9th century. Farmers harnessed the extracts of arabica coffee beans and since then, allowed Ethiopia to become a commanding coffee exporter for the world. Melkam Business aims to grow to become an industry leader in the coffee exportation business.

Our Mission Statement:
To incorporate passion, the spirit of obedience, and efficiencies by serving all our partners with the most exceptional commodities.

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Pathing our way

Our Delicious Selection

Ethiopia's roots can be dated to the first discovery of coffee and its rich history in cultivating coffee beans from its motherland. Not is it only for our enjoyment, but also our responsibility to share our discoveries throughout the world via our natural commodities. MelkamBusiness envisions a future with a shared appreciation of 100% organic coffee.

We offer the highest quality types of Ethiopian coffee beans including
Yirgacheffe, Sidama, Guji, and Limu.

Importance of Logistics

We Know Our Way Around

With combined decades of manufacturing, exporting, and logistical experience, we're able to tackle and combat any obstacle in front of us. Our quality assurance is what make us who we are, and we stand by our mission to deliver high specialty coffee to all our partners across the world.

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