Disrupting the coffee industry.

MelkamBusiness is comprised of expert distributors, strategic partners, and tastemakers in the commodity and coffee sector. With combined decades of experience, we move to find solutions up and down the supply chain to deliver the best quality in coffee.

We combine the benefits of the best local farms with logistical solutions to ensure the highest quality of coffee is provided to the markets.

MelkamBusiness works directly with our farmers and many vertical suppliers in coffee preparation & processing to deliver excellent-tasting coffee beans to the world. We're successfully able to leverage our ability to directly manage our quality control, and allow MelkamBusiness to become an industry leader in the coffee & commodity sectors.

Meet the awesome team behind MelkamBusiness.
We’re bridging the gap between the one of the world’s oldest industries and a
future where coffee can be enjoyed by every household.

Melkam Dagne

Owner & Founder

Melkam has 20+ years of experience in co-owning and operating highly successful production companies in the Ethiopian regions, including a few well-renowned water bottling plants. Melkam brings more to the table with her expertise in scaling operations, logistics, and production fulfillment.

Outside of exportation, Melkam spends valuable time with her son, enjoys practicing yoga, and sharing a cup of coffee in the morning.

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