What drives our efforts?

We're devoted to delivering exceptional unroasted coffee beans for processing and exportation. We heavily focus on our products' quality and social responsibility efforts with our farmer partners. In the near future, the company intends scale to support other native commodities including cereal, sesame seeds, oil, and much more.

MelkamBusiness is on track in becoming Ethiopia's most prosperous coffee exportation enterprise.
We specialize in delivering the highest quality of Ethiopian coffee with our state-of-the-art knowledge
and rigorous farmer selection process. Our sustainability goals allows us to improve the living
standard of Ethiopian farmers and create an impact for the younger generations to come.

Job Opportunities

We're committed to generating numerous job opportunities for the local farmers near our coffee micro-lots. To date, we've created 60+ job opportunities for the locals in the coffee production regions.

Educating Our Farmers

Our skilled farmers lack the expertise in their business operations, so we simplify the plantation process and equip the farmers with practical knowledge, machinery use, and basic business comprehension required to remain profitable.

Care for all

Furthermore, MelkamBusiness invests in our employees' families & provides daycare/study areas for our farmers' children. In addition, we offer benefits and light tasks to expectant mothers.

We source only the highest grade of Arabica beans from local Ethiopian farms and use traditional artisanal methods to roast them to perfection. The result is a cup of coffee with strong floral notes, smooth body and unforgettable vibrancy.

At MelkamBusiness we believe that good coffee shouldn't just taste great - it should also be ethically produced and environmentally sustainable. We take pride in our commitment to sustainable practices which include fair labor wages, reduced water usage and waste management initiatives. Furthermore, we are always looking for ways to improve our efficiency and reduce our environmental footprint even further.

Our team of talented professionals is passionate about bringing you the best possible cup of coffee each day and ensuring that you enjoy every sip knowing it was sustainably produced with respect towards both people and planet.

The strength of our partnerships is at the heart of our work.
Feel free to request samples and discover any future opportunities.

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